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Yes, I understand that this ebook, along with all the amazing bonuses will reveal inside secrets to sewing . I also understand that this ebook and bonuses will not only show me the proper way to sew, but I will also learn the mistakes that many others make and how to avoid them.

I understand that I will be receiving all of the following items with my purchase...

PDF Book: Sewing 101
Bonus Book: Tips for Better Sewing
Bonus MP3 Audio: Welcome To My Sewing World
Bonus PDF Report: Welcome To My Sewing World
Bonus PDF Report: Living Ideas For An Active Retirement
Bonus MP3 Audio: The Doll Lady Of Mudgee
Bonus PDF Report: The Doll Lady Of Mudgee
Bonus MP3 Audio: Let's Talk Sewing - Back To Basics
Bonus PDF Report: Let's Talk Sewing - Back To Basics
Bonus MP3 Audio: Let's Talk Sewing - Working With Patterns
Bonus PDF Report: Let's Talk Sewing - Working With Patterns

Just to be sure you weren't imagining things, all this for FREE:

Bonus Gift #1:

The “Tips for Better Sewing” Special Report

Everyone who sews wants to sew better. No matter what project you are working on, you want it to look amazing, as though you purchased it from a top designer. Although not everyone will reach perfection, there are things you can do to improve your sewing abilities, find out what they are by reading this special report!

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Bonus Gift #2:

The “Welcome To My Sewing World” Audio

Let me share with you what sewing has giving me over the years. You know, many people just don't appreciate what sewing can give to you. It goes way beyond just sitting at a machine making garments.

I've made so many friends, and found other related pursuits from sewing. Let me share this enthusiasm with you, so that I can leave a legacy for you to follow in my footsteps. There is so much I can tell you that I'd like to share with you, that I decided to record it for you and offer as a gift for purchasing my eBook.

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Bonus Gift #3:

The “Welcome To My Sewing World” Transcript

Just in case you are not used to listening to an Australian accent like mine, I thought it appropriate to also give you a transcript of my "Welcome To My Sewing World" audio.

Even at times when you can't get to play my audio, you will still have all the information at your disposal to read at your leisure, and probably refer to later on as a reference guide.

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Bonus Gift #4:

The “Living Ideas For An Active Retirement” Special Report

I've now been retired for a very long time now, and perhaps I can help you with some ideas on how to ease into your new lifestyle. For some people, this can be a very challenging moment, especially if they haven't taken some key steps to get themselves ready for all this time that they never had before.

Don't die of boredom whatever you do!!! Let me give you some tips that will turn each day into an exciting and rewarding challenge.

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Bonus Gift #5:

The “The Doll Lady Of Mudgee” Audio

Listen to Mavis's story with your own ears. How she grew up in an Australian country town where she was taught how to sew, knit, embroider and make dresses all from a young age, and how she later went on to teach sewing at the local college, and finally at the tender young age of 69 she took up doll making!

And now, for somebody who has never left Australia with her lifetime of experience and achievements behind her, and by the looks of things, many more still to come! This 23-minute interview with David Lee will give you a true insight into The Doll Lady Of Mudgee.

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Bonus Gift #6:

The “The Doll Lady Of Mudgee” Transcript

Follow along Mavis's story in this transcript of the interview with David that they did in December 2004.

So vibrant and lively is Mavis that a journalist wanting her story for their magazine commented, "Could we please get some recent photos of Mavis?" They thought the photos that you see on this page were at least 10 years old. Doubtless to say, the story will be soon released.

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Bonus Gift #7:

The “Back To Basics” Audio

Would you like to hear the answers to some questions that other sewing beginners also have? It's quite likely that you too have wanted the same sort of guidance that Sharon Rice of West Virginia and Michaelle McGinnes of Alabama had when they asked their very own questions in a recently to Mavis.

These are their very own words at the end of this 30 minute recording:

"She’s done a wonderful job and I’m just very thrilled. I feel like I’m speaking to a movie star." - Sharon Rice

"Oh you’ve been a wonderful help! Thank you." - Michaelle McGinnes

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Bonus Gift #8:

The “Back To Basics” Transcript

You can also read every word that Mavis advises Sharon and Michaelle about, as you begin to discover the wealth of knowledge that Mavis has acquired over many decades.

You will also be left in disbelief as to how Mavis pushes back the age barrier to the limits by continuing to be an active sewer to this very day!

As she tells Sharon and Michelle:

"I love sewing…I sew at night mostly and I feel that it…I wouldn’t care if the night went forever, I enjoy it." - Mavis Cox

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Bonus Gift #9:

The “Working With Patterns” Audio

Are you too having problems trying to use patterns effectively when you sew? From my many decades of experience, I've given my best advice to Carolyn Frank of Virginia and Fritz Tornow, also from my home town of Mudgee, Australia. I'd like to also share that experience with you with this extra free bonus that I've added for you too!

This is what both of my guests said during our 30 minute discussion devoted to patterns:

"...oh, it was tremendous...I want to thank you for inviting me." - Carolyn Frank

"...the marvel about Mavis is that you can learn more in 5 minutes than you can learn from anyone else!" - Fritz Tornow

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Bonus Gift #10:

The “Working With Patterns” Transcript

I've also got every word from our conversation written down for you to read along at your leisure as well. With Carolyn from America, Fritz originally from Germany, and myself from Australia, we are all speaking the English language in our own way, so you may well appreciate having the words to follow our conversation.

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Also, I’ll learn:

  • How to choose the right needle – choose the wrong one and you could tear the fabric, leave holes, or simply end up with a sloppy looking project
  • 13 common types of needles – and how to choose the one that is best for you!
  • 15 common threads – and how to choose the perfect one for your project!
  • The best type of sewing machine to buy based on the type of sewing projects you plan to do – this information will save you tons of frustration later on and will help ensure you get your sewing career started off on the right foot!
  • The uses of over 38 different “notions” – you will learn what to use and when to use it in order to create the perfect project… this information will save you hours and hours of trial and error!
  • The key factor in choosing the right needle – you may be very surprised at what you read here!
  • How to get organized – these tips will make sewing more fun and save you countless hours of time that you would have wasted searching for the right “notion” or other essential tool!
  • How to choose the right pattern – this information will ensure you don’t waste your time attempting to complete a pattern that’s too difficult or not right for you!
  • Nine things to consider when choosing a pattern – follow these tips and you will never make a wrong decision!
  • How to eliminate shrinkage when laying out and cutting a pattern – this tip will save you a great deal of frustration and wasted time later on!
  • And Much Much More!

I fully understand that my credit card will be charged only $19.97 for the purchase price of Sewing 101 and that I will be able to download it immediately after submitting my order.

I further understand that Sewing 101 is fully covered by a no questions asked, three full month 100% money-back guarantee. I understand that if for any reason whatsoever I am not satisfied with my purchase I can request a refund at any time.

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